Friday, August 29, 2008

The list

If pre-Wrath patch is out before 9/12 then these have priority:

Get 70s to PTR if possible.

If pre-Wrath patch does not come out before 9/12 then do these:

Hunter - need at least 1 more run of Old Hillsbrad Foothills, best if we can get Don Carlos quest done as well, should reach Honor with Keeper of Time. BG for honor.

Pally - BG for honor and look into if it's worth it to run more Arena. May not be worth running Arena if it takes too long, at <300 Arena points per week to get any S3 gears.

Warrior - BG for honor, SSO dailys to finish out exalted.

Kinzlayer - farm for Lower City's feathers, look again to see how many is required for the Hunter and Warrior.

Is there really any time left over:

Start the druid and shaman.