Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not the fastest but still half decent...

Kinzlayer hit 80 tonight and although I wasn't rushing to max level as I did want to in the past, the temptation was there. The crazy thing is the dungeons/raids progression. In BC, you didn't really see the pugging of Kara on Cho'gall till pretty late, Kara was serious business for at least a good 6 or 7 months, if my memories serve me right. And heroics were painful to pug at most but talking to a few friends in high places and watching the Trade channel, pretty much Naxx10 are being pugged successfully as of last Saturday, which just blows my mind.

Kinzlayer has been alive for roughly 130 days and been 80 for 4 hrs already, crazy I know. Looking through my gears I definitely am going to try and see what if there are any huge things to upgrade with and of course go see how crazy heroics are, I still have nightmares of Heroic Shattered Halls when Louis wasn't AoE-tanking with his pally, or that crazy fight in Heroic Alcatraz with Skyriss and his pre-nerfed mind rend. Anyway the leveling game is done and so the mid game here I come, Heroics, rep grind, and if I can get a Naxx in that would be fun to see how far my current gears will stretch.

Haman, Kiserai, and Orgreaznik will have to wait, I might touch Haman next week and see how far I can get on his rest xp before hitting the other two. I figure I can just rotate the 3 alts to 80 with their rest xp while Kinzlayer gears up and wait for the rest of the crew to hit 80.

So far, I'm very impress Blizzard... worth every dime I've put into this game.