Thursday, September 18, 2008

A ding of a sort.

As of this morning, around 3am PST or so, Haman, my fun filled warrior, got his Shattered Sun Pendant of Might, yay for not having to do anymore daily quests on the island, well we should talk about that later but for now it feels good to be done with "having" to do them. Haman also picked up both the Merciless Gladiator's Slicer and the Merciless Gladiator's Quickblade then promptly went to find an Enchanter. The Slicer got Executioner, thank you Kerry for logging on at the right time and the right early morning, hehehe, and the Quickblade received a nice coating of Mongoose. It does feel good to be sporting something different then my two Grunt's Waraxe and of course the Waraxes had only gotten Deathfrost put on them since I really didn't feel like wasting too much mats on what I felt like leveling weapons. Now it's just a matter of doing Arena weekly for pts and wrecking havocs in BGs until Wrath comes out. Along with 14k rep to grind with the Scryers which isn't really that hard with them signets coming from the daily on HFP and 3 feasible 70s to do them. It does feel a bit more "regular" with leveling Haman, as he being the 4th 70 getting to level cap and having none of the rep stuff left for him to use, nothing else it's a very different experience.

Speaking of Arena, I had done some quick calculations the other night and Haman would need a max of 2,125 arena pts since at best he can do is to get the Brutal Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets and the Brutal Gladiator's War Edge then it's a matter of BGing for honor to get at least a few piece of the Battlegear set if not 4 of the Season 2 variant. It should be fun but I'm sure there will days when I'm sick of doing BGs, hahaha, I can still remember doing something similar with Kinzlayer just before the launch of BC, well that is a story for another day.

As for the others, Kinzlayer is enjoying the time off from having to run around and supporting the alts. Orgreaznik is sitting pretty where he is at, maybe if I'm at all motivated this weekend, get one BM run in and should pretty much get Honored with Keeper of Time, which of course means I can reach 375 on my Leatherworking for no other reason then to say that he's at 375 before Wrath comes. As for Kiserai I'm debating whether if I really want to BG more to get some more welfare epics and then whether if it's too late to grind for honor to switch to Ret. Tough to choose right now as Haman is really fun to BG with and he does need around 50k honor if I want all 4 Battlegear S2 pieces.

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