Saturday, October 18, 2008

my new toy

Flew into St. Louis all ticked off at the BestBuy in San Diego as they basically can't deliver the P-7811FX like they said they were going to, rushed to the hotel to check-in, dropped my crap off at my room, go have dinner with Jenn and Ken then rush over the BestBuy at South County Mall before 9pm. They were suppose to close their gate at 9pm but I don't typically shop at BestBuy right before they close so didn't realize they actually just close their gate and that's really like around 9:30 if their hours are til 9. Anyway, I love it.

I did do the trick that Brent suggested, which is to copy off the WoW folder from my desktop to some DvDs and copy it back onto another computer, you don't have to re-install the damn game. Well for the most part it works except it seems a bit buggy, can't honestly tell if I'm getting disconnected from the server because of the interweb connection sucks at this Towneplace Suite or just that the WoW that I have copied over from my Desktop is just crapping out on Vista but showing it as a server disconnect. Meh, I decided to just download the installer from Blizz and actually do a clean install on this laptop and see if I can stress-test it a bit more to alleviate my fear about getting a bad P-7811FX, like any pre-installed and mass build stuff there are always some crap.

Will be able to tell probably after work tomorrow in the evening. Oh also the High setting in WoW is very nice to look at but it gets really choppy (<30 fps) in major city which is a bad sign that I won't be running that for raids and large BGs, ah well, eye candy while I level to 80 then back to the simple graphics for raiding.

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