Monday, January 7, 2008


SSC happened and Kinzlayer now has his Vashj vial, one half of his Mount Hyjal attunement. I was also hoping to buy the Vestment of the Sea Witch, after I thought about what else Vashj drops, but I just was not lucky enough to see it drop. As well the T5 gloves from Leo didn't drop but I did pick up the quest from Seer Olum and went to talk to Akama but now I need to kill Al'ar which is pretty straight forward however he drops nothing that Kinzlayer would want so it will be interesting to see how I can get Kinzlayer to be apart of that kill. The TK portion of this weekend's run didn't happen so no chance at T5 shoulders from VR nor the vial from Kael but hopefully there will be another run either next week or the week afterward. Now that I'm serious about getting Kinzlayer attuned he will be farming the 10 richest dailys again to build up some goldz... if not for Kiserai, Orgreaznik, and Haman it will be good to have goldz to buy Kinz some nice gearz when the opportunity comes.

Orgreaznik is 9 pts away from 300 on his LW and from making Knothide Leather from all the scraps that Kiserai have been skinning... I was itching to level them but they all had less then 100% rest bonus so they will sit till this coming weekend, especially since this Friday is an off-Friday. Gothicel will see a bit of love tonight or this week if Kinzlayer finish his dailys fast.

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