Friday, January 18, 2008

Once more for VR

Arrrrrggggg with another week of TK before I can get an attempt at my robe from Vashj, not a great upgrade but getting the T5 shoulders would at least cross that off my list.

- Vestment of the Sea Witch
- T5 Gloves
- T5 Shoulders

Kiserai is sitting at 61 and fully rested; I'm just itching to play her but at the same time I'm afraid that she will outlevel the dungeons??? with Kinzlayer, I didn't even think about doing the 5-mans till he got to lvl 70 but I really want to go through the dungeons with Kiserai, Haman, and Orgreaznik, well at least Kiserai and Haman since I think those two will get more gears from the dungeons then Orgreaznik. Ah, speaking of Orgreaznik, once he is at 58 I'm getting a boar and go Outland... will definitely try to keep both my Humar and the boar the same level. I figure I will need the extra aggro from the boar. Hehehe, of course Haman went into UG and picked up all the quests, as well as the stupid Linkin's quest... got to get through the stupid Timbermaw and then the stupid Winterspring flying back to Feralas and all that stupid flying around... arrrgggggg, but I think that sword from the quest might actually be useful for Haman.

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