Friday, January 4, 2008


It looks like I have talked myself into buying the Mount Hyjal attunement run offered by Death Wish for Kinzlayer. My reasoning are two folds, if I ever find a guild on Cho'gall that run raids on PST times then I'm at least ready for MH or if I ever xfer to another server for raiding BT/MH then I'm also ready for MH since finishing the vials quest is the base requirement most BT/MH guilds has atm. Also I figure, once Sunwell Plateau comes out and DW has it on farm like most anything else they pwn, there might be runs of MH offered by DW. Ah, I just realized that I would need to also buy a Leo kill from DW so that I can start on the BT attunement, which I need to read more about (

I would love to raid again but no guilds on Cho'gall that I know of have a raid start time of 7pm PST or later. On that subject, looking at the list of PST PvP servers and going through a good many of them to find a guild that is in the middle of SSC/TK, need a lock, and start raids around 7pm PST has yielded many BIGFATEGGS!!! I think I have gone through 2/3 of the list and so I hope I find something promising soon or Kinzlayer will never see the inside of BT/MH for himself. HAHAHA, the consolation with the rapid releases of expansions lately in WoW, if Kinzlayer never see the inside of BT/MH... he will have a fresh starts when WoLTK comes out. If I'm still playing WoW when that happens then I will get Kinzlayer to 80 and raid ready faster then I did with the release of BC. I was very disappointed in the collapse of Fatality, so much potential, and as well as the death of Bloodthirst, we might not have been as fast as some of the other guilds during that time but we at least made it into SSC/TK without a free key and well that was the past, I will not live in the past.

Kiserai will be spamming in trade to enchant Battlemaster while she gets her rest exp, hopefully I will get one. I really love how much faster she's leveling with rest exp and the exp from Outland, so much fun.

Haman will be going to Ogrimmar to pick up his Armorsmith specialization and making those leggings to get to skill 270 Blacksmith. I'm still ambivalent on continuing to level Blacksmith with Haman since most comments I have read from Blacksmiths range from "thank god I dropped BS" or "hopefully BS will get a buff with WoLTK" since the consensus agrees that the few things: the sword, axes, maces, or armors, that drew you into being a Blacksmith are very easily attainable with Arena/PvP equivalent gears. Am I doing Blacksmithing in order to make my own stuff or is it to make stuff that I can used with my other toons??? Well Kiserai has always been higher level in both adventuring and profession then Haman so the fat cow hasn't really help her any many places there. Orgreaznik have never really needed much from Haman and I don't know if there are anything he will need from Haman, either as a hunter or a Leatherworker. Hmm, I think the only reason I will keep Haman a Blacksmither is because I'm stubborned and lazy. The only other profession I can see having fun with as Haman would be an Engineer? I have not had much experienced with Engineering even though Orgreaznik had been one before I took the long break from him previously. Still out for debates it looks like.

Orgreaznik is looking pretty, he will just sit there and get his rest exp. I think he's done with Feralas so next up is UG and then to Winterspring then Outland fun.

With all of this waiting for rest exp is starting to get me thinking about leveling the shaman early??? I really do not want to rush Kiserai, Haman, or Orgreaznik so I might have to do something there.

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