Monday, April 26, 2010

Death to 25m raiding... long live the RAID!!!

It has always bug me with the advent of WoTLK that the same raid for 25 people would drop better loots then a 10 man raids. Sure the amount of work to put the raid together is greater but honestly that work is squarely on the shoulder(s) of the Guild Master, Raid Leader, and/or the Officers; the majority of the raiding members of the 25 man raid doesn't even notice or feel the pain of such efforts. The raiders complain if there is no raid but they don't do anything to fix the problem they wait on officers to mend it.

I honestly think everything done in a 25m raid is much easier but only made harder because of the same space (as 10m raid) being available. There is more people to share the burden but less room to maneuver. From my experience, healing in 25 man raid is often less stressful, if something happens to you there's someone to cover you. DPS in 25 man raid is often nothing more then a pissing contest. Tanking seems to be pretty much down to asking whether if there is more adds to pickup otherwise the same mechanics are obverse between 25 and 10, often boil down to two tanks trading off on aggro.

I'm also very excited with this news because it will make the people who claim to love the big raiding environment either put-up or shut-up. No longer will they be able to hide behind the excuse that they love big raid environment to get the extra benefit of loot. People often claim that the large raids give you a sense of camaraderie and epicness, however I think they are full of Tauren's manure. I had no love for 40m raiding, just more people doesn't mean more fun. I have had people retell how fun 40m raids were from Vanilla, yet often enough the core of the story is that they are afford more time to goof off and is not noticeable because there are enough people to pick up the slack.

BBB thinks that this will bring the "Golden Age" to WoW and I have to agree with him. People who bitch that content is too easy will get plenty of face-to-ground time doing content with the same set of gears rather then bring 25m gear to 10m content. I also have a problem with people who complains that they had to run alts raid to practice for their main Lich King kills, looking at you Ensidia. Honestly pay the price for being first (efame) or STFU.

Update on the Shadow's Edge front, the 25 Primordial Saronite are sitting in my bags but waiting on the two bloods, which I probably will do a GDKP to get since there's probably no way I can get my warrior into our 25m raid even if there one this week. Or maybe I can if we don't have enough people and have to pug a lot of the spot, we will see.

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