Thursday, April 8, 2010


In order for Bakatirak (Haman's current incarnation) to start on her road to Shadowmourn, she'll be needing 25 Primordial Saronites. However she can ill afford to use her own frost badges since her tanking set is yet to be completed, as well as the dps set which she's barely started on.

The total number of badges required for 25 saronites is 575 frost badges, at first that would seem a daunting task when she isn't even done with gear but that's the nice thing about having multiple raiding toons. Kinzlayer is done with any upgrades from frost badges and Bruenhylsda will make do with what fortunes provides her.

Within a week one can earn 14 frosties from doing the heroic random each day, 5 frosties from the weekly raid, and 4 [edit: 2 from 10m and 2 from 25] from Toravon who is still holding on out my warlock's Sanctified gloves as well as potential lottery winner in Bruen and Baka. It never hurts to hope that their ilvl264 drops from him rather then the more expensive option of buying them with badges.

As Kinzlayer is doing ICC10 progression it's hard to count on consistent frosties production but since the guild runs a fresh ICC25 every week there should be 17 badges from that venture each week. Bruenhylsda can contribute to more frosties by regularly running ICC raids (10/25) but I don't have the energy/time every week so that can't be counted on.

As of now, Kinzlayer and Bruenhylsda have a total of 275 frost badges, which leaves a whopping 300 badges to go. At a rate of 63 badges a week (14*2 + 5*2 + 4*2 + 17), it will take just a bit under 5 weeks to get all the badges needed for the saronites. Incidentally there is also the need to get the bloods from Festgut and Rotface, which hopefully the guild can provide help with since all the plate melee's main either have the bloods or don't care enough for it and seeing those drops while no one in raid want them will be painful.

As each journey starts with but a step, this is mine... hopefully Bakatirak will have a Shadowmourn to show for my effort.

Update 04/12/2010 : Total - 188 + 111 = 299
Update 04/17/2010 : Total - 243 + 123 = 366
Update 04/19/2010 : Total - 249 + 136 = 385

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