Thursday, April 29, 2010

Must there be incentives to raid 25m?

There has been a lot of discussion on the raid changes that will come with Cataclysm and until BBB put it into perspective I didn't really know to quantify why it is that I dislike a lot of the points people made, in favor of 25s or against.

The point from BBB that I think I love most:
"Let’s cut to the chase.

The question isn’t “Do 25’s deserve better rewards than 10’s”, or “Are 25’s harder than 10’s”, or even “What should be used to entice people to play in 25’s”.

The question is, “Can 25 man raids really be as fun as 10’s to play in, if most people have to be bribed to take part in them?”

That’s the question at play here."

Yes, yes, YES!!! Like I have said before, the heavy lifting, in term of guild management and logistic are NEVER seen or felt by the everyday raiders, mostly they see it was an inconvenience when someone miss raid, so why must there even be incentives for individual raider to raid with twenty four other people? If there are any incentives to be dole out it should be to the GUILD. It may be something Blizzard themselves are keeping hidden in their pocket protectors, remember we are suppose to be getting some sort of guild advancement system with Cataclysm and I can't imagine a more perfect way to encourage and support large guild then to have it means something to belong to a large guild. One thing off the top of my head would be extra gold from daily quests, extra honor from daily BGs, extra damage in gears for raids, extra time on flasks/elixirs. The individual raider will benefit indirectly from the incentives given to the guild and in my mind build a stronger relationship to the GUILD.

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