Monday, December 15, 2008

Black War Bear

Sitting around Dalaran on Kinz done with dailys, even did a few heroics and the regular dungeon, I do like the extra rep, with nothing to do and was not really in the mood for questing in Grizzly Hills (still need to finish that zone out for the Deathchill Cloak pattern). Then what do we see but an ad for City Raid... garrrrrgggg, didn't like how badly the last one turned out so didn't answer the call at first. Sitting around some more talking to Murd about what heroics to do next then trying to get a group together but failed pretty badly, just starting one so that's extra sad. I have no motivation to start groups anymore, so much efforts. Figures why the heck not and so I whispered the ad. At first I thought, "hmm, this does not look good", as there were only 8 people in raid. Maybe another failure to launch but after 15 mins the raid actually filled out. Got Murd his spot, took the zep to Grom'gol and flew to Kargath then had to fly back as the Raid Leader changed his mind. It took longer just to ride to the bosses then it was to kill them (less then 2 mins on each of the city bosses). Pretty amazing to see that much lag, hehe. It was nice to end the night with a letter from Thrall extolling the courage it took to beat them alliance ninnies to the ground and attached was my very own Black War Bear.

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