Monday, December 22, 2008

Nice weekend ends with a T7...

Being done with both the Oracles and Kula'ak in term of reps, I have cut their dailys from my rotation so now it's just checking the Shatt's cooking for Manalicious (last for the achievement), fishing for old man Barlo (here baby croc, here baby croc), Dalaran's cooking, fly to Brunnhilda, then finish off with the Son of Hodir.

Finally motivated myself enough to finish the Grizzly Hills quests, which actually took a bit of questing each day during the weekends. As of last night, I earned my Loremaster of Northrend and learned me the pattern for Deathchill Cloak. I made said cloak and embroiled it with a Lightweave Embroidery, cha-ching, then Kel'Thuzad drop a pretty nice alternative cloak but with mp5, being the least geared person in that raid I got the welfare epix.

Ah, speaking of Kel'Thuzad... the nice folks of Attrition, hehe, mainly Rocketajax got me a spot in their 10-man Naxx. They had done most of the place on Wednesday, except for the Frostwyrm Lair. I really love the Sapphiron fight, what I learned that I did not know before doing it with Attrition, thanks to Sukuza for explaining, is that in that particular fight, it is not a DPS race, it is a healing check. I think that fight would really sucks for Holy Pallies, so much movement and environmental damage to the raid. The whole idea is to stay spread out but don't be the NooB that is way across the room when the ice blocks are down, cause you ain't making behind them before the orb of frozen doom hits the floor and you get blasted to the graveyard. Honestly, the first time through that fight with Blood Council was way rougher, as it was less organized then with Attrition. Sapphiron was a dead dragon after 3 tries, I'm sure more tries then they normally have to do but then 2nd wipe was just pure bad luck. Two blizzards on top of the two ice blocks that are 5 yards apart. I'm proud to say that I was not the 30 second NooB that night, I'm ready to play with the big boys now, lol.

The Kel'Thuzad (KT) fight itself wasn't all that interesting. Start in the green circle, adds comes at you, range dps kill the skele and the banshee before they come to the circle, the banshee floats really really really sloooooowlyyyyy. I swear this is where having at least one hunter is awesome, the skele has next to nothing in term of HP so the speed of auto shot > cast. Melees and tanks take care of of the abominations, and if range has time help on abominations. KT himself comes out after, what seems like 2-3 mins or when about 80% of the adds are down. The MT pick him up, the OT pick up and finish off any abominations left and dps are to kill all adds before they go to KT. Once the transition take place the whole fight is really just simple, stay out of the circle KT randomly casts on the floor. You really do have a lot of time to move out although not enough to stand there and finish of a 2 seconds cast, remember to move then fire as you ain't living through the collapse of the circle. KT also will ice block a random person but if you got a clump of casters you get 2 or 3 ice blocks that your healers has to heal now, so stay spread out no reasons to be a cluster of fail. At the end of it all Kinzlayer made out like a bandit on that raid, the cloak and the T7 helm token. I hope I will get more invites from Attrition as it seems most of their people are out on xmas break and doing raids with them equal welfare epix for Kinzlayer.

Oh, one thing that I'm a bit wary about the T7 set, I had to re-gem some of my gears after getting the helm since it had no +hit at all. Going forward, I might even have to spec to get Suppression and Cataclysm, that's six pts to get 3% hit. I'm going to have to seriously think about where my hit will be coming from as I'm nine emblems away from buying the T7 robe, which Rocket did say is harder to get from raid then the gloves. Using the two pieces of T7 would take away two of the known slots for +hit and that's like 100+ hit between the two best +hit items. The legging I have currently does not have +hit so I might have to look into that. I'm just not sure what Blizzard is thinking when they itemize their gears. Ok, I understand you only need 6% to hit for Heroics and the two pieces of T7 can be gotten from badges so you can easily cover 6% but the transition from 6% to 17% is atrocious when you take the two item slots that has the best +hit gears, being the glove and the robe. The other location is the helm which has a few item from crafting, quest reward, and dungeon drop. I'll definitely have to look at other warlocks and do my research during the break to see what I have to do for my hit gears.

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