Friday, December 19, 2008

Within reach...

It is definitely very nice to ease into the day by doing some mindless daily quests to wake up, gets you motivated for the rest of the day. I was a little disappointed that the green little midget doesn't have Manalicious today so one more day of waiting at the least. Old man Barlo had the shrimp quest for me which I have done before but I figure I would do it just in case the fishing hat drops for me. After a quick fishing trip to the lakes of Zangarmarsh for some shrimps, I hearth back to Dalaran and worked on the quick cooking quest there. While I was flying over to Brunnhilda, I took a peak at my bag and noticed the Mysterious Egg still had 6 more days on it, bah I hope that will turn into the Green Proto-drake, they look pretty kewl. The quest giver in Brunnhilda only had one quest for me, I was a bit alarmed at first then a quick search on wowhead, I was assured that sometime she's a bit bitchy and only give out one quest. I would have been fine with two random quests but not to have a 2nd chance for the Polar Bear mount? seems dumb. Well, after the quick fly over to freeze them proto-drake eggs, I head over to the SoH quests but was interrupted by a request for help.

I ended my morning by doing the three quests for the Kalu'ak, which after today I will only need one more set of quests to get exalted. I think it will be nice to finish them up and not have to fly that circuit during my daily quests. It's very nice that they take less then 5 minutes to do but three quests in three different zones and still flying at 280 speed, such a hassle.

Northrend is definitely large, still better then walking there.

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