Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Clearing the mind...

After reading Herc's thoughts on time management in wow, I got to thinking and realized that I'm a bit lost in term of what I'm actually doing with Kinzlayer. I've got no motivation to work on any of my alts but there's always a minor tug at the back of my head to work on Haman, I love killing stuff with my warrior. Going to borrow Herc's idea and list the things I do daily so I don't sit around Dalaran wondering why I'm bored.

The Shatt cooking daily. I figured for almost a year I was doing those darn cooking quests everyday, I might as well get the achievement for them. At the moment I'm waiting for Manalicious, which I check as I head over to old man Barlo for the fishing daily.

From the fishing daily I would like to get that baby croc and the fishing hat. Also since I did them pretty religiously for a while I would like the achievement for finishing the list of quests for old man Barlo.

After turning in the fishing quest to old man Barlo, I head to Dalaran to do the cooking daily there. At the moment I'm saving all my Northrend spice as I'm not really cooking any particular item but I figure when I'm ready to cook I will have a good supply to use.

After Dalaran, I head over to Storm Peak. Do the five Son of Hodir quests and for the last few days I'm also doing the two daily quests given by the chick in Brunhilda, ever since reading that the polar bear mount drops from the reward pouch, thanks Herc. Finishing up with Storm Peak, I head down to Howling Fjord, grab the seal love quest, then head over to Dragonblights to steal, errr recover pups for them Kalu'ak, then head to Borean Tundra for the supplies. I'm about 4 days away from getting exalted with them and then no mas long-ass flying route. I'm getting me the fishing pole and the penguin.

Done flying, I head over to the basin and do the three quests for the Oracle, hehe I want the mysterious eggs... and of course the achievement for being exalted with them then later on exalted with the Frenzyhearts (I think that's what they are).

Typically I'm done for the night after that as I have spent 2 hours flying around. As of yesterday, I'm doing the two cooking and fishing dailys in the AM, which helps me wake up... otherwise I would just have snoozed the alarm and sleep in till 8:30 then I would be all tired when I get into work; I'm really lazy in the AM. If I can consistently squeeze the fishing and cooking dailys out in the morning, I can add a heroic or two in the PM session. I'm going to try to do Violet Hold once a day, at least it's easy and fast... of course I want that stupid trinket.

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