Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New toy...

Last night, logged in to do my normal rotation of dailies, with half a mind on helping Thomas with his Ogri'la pre-quests, I ended up with the hit trinket from Cyanigosa. Of course Thomas didn't say what time he, himself, was logging... so w/e, went to finish my dailies for the SoH and the chic at Brunnhilda, having done the fishing and Dalaran's cooking in the morning. Nope, still no bear mount but tomorrow is another day.

I would have to say it was very much karma that I finally got the Mark of the War Prisoner from Cyanigosa, as the first time I saw it drop, a shaman healer won the roll, for his off spec which ticked me off but it was the last boss so w/e, and this time, the tank was a test of my patience.

I get it that some people don't do dungeons until they were level capped or that they might be new to certain encounters but this guy takes the cake and ate it too. Didn't let anyone know that he didn't know the fights, was quiet, and was tanking with a FIST weapon, which I didn't noticed 'til the hunter pointed out, ah well. Xevozz was the first boss and if it's your first time fighting him, it can be challenging but if you slowly tank him up the ramp and then slowly tank and spank on the ledge, you pretty much avoid being cornered by two orbs. Of course our tank didn't ask, didn't say anything, start to tank him, the orbs come out and bam died, we wipe. Rezing at the GY, the hunter and I just scratched our heads and was seriously thinking about just abandoning this lost-cause but w/e, we were saved so back in. After telling him to fight his way to the ledge, we started again. The guy had the nerve to say that people on Cho'gall were mean; I'm guessing it wasn't the first failed in his resume as a tank. Sure, people on Cho'gall are used to blasting through the instances without fail but I'm sure it's the same on most normal to high population servers. It's not like Wrath's heroics are hard, not like they were in the beginning of TBC. I have yet to see any CC required for any of the heroics, AoE away when you got a good tank, which always make the instance run extremely fast. The tank and the healer died on Xevozz again when he was at 3% or so, plenty of time for me and hunter to pound into the ground. Lucky we had plenty of time to summon their arses back into the instance after he went down. I guess that would be super annoying for groups without a rezer or a warlock.

On the 2nd boss, it was Ichoron, I did not hesitate to use the crystal activators to zap all the water elementals, by this time the shield was down to 98% so if they didn't have the achievement for VH yet then they weren't getting it this run anyway. Most of the remaining fights were uneventful but a bit rough, the hunter stop AoE on those Sorcerer pulls and I just dps lightly to avoid pulling aggro. If nothing else was good about the tank, at the very least he did listen but you had to offered it to him on a platter. The Cyanigosa fight is the easiest fight in VH since she's a pure tank and spank dragon-fight, which means facing her away from the rest of the party and stay away from the tail. The priest, who at this point I was pretty sure is a friend of the tank but he had to be told to stay the frak away from the tail. At least he did not roll on the trinket, which I feared when I saw the loot. Oh well, this tank is definitely on my list of bad tank. Also oh note, I'm 6 emblems short of the T7 robe so most likely will push to get it either tonight or tomorrow, depending who else is on and what's going on.

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